First off, SC lost but they lost by only 4, so I hit my lean (SC +6.5 over Gonzaga) from the other day.  I’m like 80% on sports betting since the podcast and only a couple of those bets were favorites.  MLB opening day is also today.  Rays are playing the Yankees here in St. Pete.  Yankees are -116, Rays are -104.  I really don’t see value in either side of that.  Tanaka probably won’t fuck this up, no telling what Chris Archer shows up with.  He could whiff 11 batters or he could give up 6 runs.  No bet here.  Out of the three games today if I had to make a bet I’d take the Giants -1.5 over the Diamondbacks for +110.

What I’m really all about is Wrestlemania tonight on the WWE Network.  The card is so stuffed that the cruiser weight championship is on at 5 pm Eastern!  Really holding out hope for the undertaker to be sent off in a cool way.  I’m also holding out hope that Mick Foley comes in by parachute.  Tony and I have the best case scenario figured out:  Undertaker wins and at the end of the match is summoned back to hell by Paul Bearer on the screens, as he’s going to hell Mick Foley tries to save him and is pulled down to hell as well.  Ideally continuing to be General Manager but from hell.  Hopefully Kane shows up as well.

Come on Paul Bearer!


Paul Bearer

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