As I return home from another disappointing trip to a local business, I’m obliged to remind everyone of the huge improvements we could make to anyone’s business or life.  The average business is so poorly run that the only reason they stay open is that the other proprietors are just as ignorant.  Even if you think your business is brilliantly run (it is not) we could begin making huge improvements from hour one.  Do you want to crush the competition?  Do you want to make more money?  Do you want to improve your reputation?  Do you want to learn how to hire worthwhile employees and dump dead weight?  Are you having trouble starting up or finding your niche?  We can help with all of the above.  Everyone from a sole proprietorship at the flea market to Google, the worlds largest company, could benefit tremendously from our analysis and guidance.

A business consultant or a life coach is just like a mirror.  Sure you might be able to fix your appearance without one but you can’t be compete with anyone who has one.  We can help you build a stellar reputation and make sure that your clients never go anywhere else.  We do this by focusing on the quality of your product or service, your customer service and your management.  We scout your business, the market and the competition and give you highly specific advice to make your business the only one in the field that matters.  We’re not talking about promotions or short term gimmicks, we will (if you follow our advice) improve your business so fundamentally that it will stand the test of time.

I’ve been running my own business since I was a freshman in high school fixing electronics.  I started off in a tight knit neighborhood close to my house to A) Take advantage of word of mouth and B) I didn’t have a car.  This particular business was a good idea because it’s not licensed and the demand was and remains very high.  By being as legitimately friendly as possible, trying to fix everything (even things I’d never seen before) and not charging unless I fixed the problem I quickly built up a huge business that could employ several other people.  Today I have over 700 customers within a mile of my house, as much work as I can handle and literally the only complaint I get is that “You don’t charge enough!”.  Nobody that has ever heard of me would consider calling a computer repair store (like Geek Squad) first.  They are totally bested in terms of price, quality of repair and customer service.  People are so happy with the work I do that they pay me more than I charge and are thrilled to recommend me to their friends.  I have so much business that I routinely turn down work that’s more than a few minutes from home.

Long story short, whatever your skill sets are, we can help you better put them to work.  Whether you have an existing business, you’re looking to start up or you’re a parent that wants to help your teen be as independent as I was, we can help you!  The podcast always has good advice, if you have relatively simple questions we’ll answer as best we can for free at  Also contact us there for real, in depth consulting.  We are available in the Tampa Bay area for reasonable rates and at certain times of the year available for travel at rates that cover our expenses.

It’s no exaggeration to say that if you follow our advice the only reason anyone will call the competition is that you’re fully booked.


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