Folks if you’re even moderate listeners you know about our super fan, turned protege, Lu “Jasmine”.  Lu came to us essentially as a pretty smart, pretty funny, case of diabetes.  Lu was 14.  He stood over 6 feet tall and weighed in excess of 300 pounds.  He’d never played a competitive sport.  He’d never left the world of private school and fast food.  Lu’s request of us was as simple to understand as it was difficult to accomplish.  How can I excel in high school?  How to make friends from nothing and just generally do the whole damn thing right as right as you can do it.  To make high schools biggest Freshmen its biggest success.  To compete like Tony, to party like Dan and to succeed more conventionally than both.

That’s a lot to ask with less than 6 months to the start of high school.  Fortunately the only thing bigger than Lu’s demands was Lu’s commitment.  He wasn’t afraid to ask questions and he really listened to all the answers.  He read the texts, he watched the movies, he listened to the music and he came back with more questions.  We pushed him to the football fields and he took it from there.  Lu didn’t miss a day of football practice and gained the respect of the jits and the coaches alike in a sport he’d never seen before.  He ran from the back of the line to the front.  He lost over 30 pounds in a matter of weeks.  By the start of the school year three weeks ago he could out lift his mentor at the same age.  They wanted to play him on the offense and on the defense.  He had dozens of friends more than the two he would have had without football.  Remember he was coming from an ~80 student private school to the 2200 student public high school.  He’s one of the fliest dressers in the school because as we rationalized “When you’re 6’1 300 everyones going to look at you, make it so they can’t help but like what they see.”  The kid’s even in good shape to be the one freshman elected to the homecoming court.  This prospect is well on his way.  Check out episode 12 for our initial consultation with Lu.

So here we are Thursday August 31st. The season opener,  Lu’s first football game, is tonight at 7pm when Palm Harbor Hurricanes head to Tarpon Springs to take on the Spongers.  Lu is #77, the starting Left Guard.  A great many things are riding on this game and we hope it will be a good one.  Tony and I along with a few other friends will be in attendance.

So win or lose tonight, everyone is as proud of you as they could be.
But it better be a win because I legit bet against this Greek bastard I know from middle school that went to Tarpon High.  He “wanted to bet a lot on their home opener” and when I see that on Facebook what am I gonna do when you’re playing in the game?  Not bet this square $250?  That’s like a sign from god to bet this fool.  So if yall lose you wont be in this alone.  I’ll blame god, but not just god.  You and your jit friends too.  Too busy being all cool on twitter to watch the damn plays.  I don’t think it’s based on anything but that Greek was really high on Tarpon.  I was able to get 5.5 points.  That means you can lose by 5 points or less and I still win the bet.  You should know what that means.  I taught you to gamble.  Don’t lose.


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