First and most importantly, Palm Harbor beat Tarpon 38-0.  Our man Lu did a fine job.  His pass blocking was solid.  Nobody got by him, nobody was getting by him.  He’s got a lot to figure out when it comes to run blocking but he did great.  He was in the game for all but two or three plays.  Their second game, supposed to be 9-7-2017 at Clearwater, was cancelled over premature fears of Hurricane Irma.

That’s where we stand.  The hurricane gets here tonight.  Most businesses have been closed for two or three days.  Mandatory evacuations of low lying areas began two days ago.  Evacuations were upgraded yesterday.  The dog track, which normally won’t stop for even severe lightning, has been closed since Wednesday night, when the storm was over 1000 miles away.  Hopefully they’re moving the dogs to higher ground.  Personally I don’t think the storm will cause much damage, but Derby Lane is in the severe storm surge zone.  We already lost power last night in light rain.  It’s overwhelmingly likely that we’ll lose power again for a longer period as they won’t dispatch repair crews in the storm.  You might not hear from the podcast for a few days.   Probably back on Wednesday, 9-13-2017.  I gotta hope at the latest we check in by 9-14, Lu’s “third” game at home against Countryside.  It’s unclear right now what next week will look like.  It could be normal starting Tuesday or it could be chaos.  I’m betting normal.  Right now every episode has been uploaded in the event of a longer power outage or local data loss.

Tony is in a non evacuation zone (safe) with all the windows all boarded up.  Dan is in a solid house in a low danger evacuation zone.  An evacuation is very unlikely to be called for that zone.  Both have essential supplies and should be assumed safe, even in terrible conditions.  We don’t really know about Nic, beyond that he was making sales as of last night.  More than most businesses have stayed open.  All of the other characters you’ve come to know on the podcast are accounted for.  Most have safely evacuated to local high ground.  Everyone will be fine, the biggest worry is that one of their uninsured cars get fucked up.  Pray for our cars, the greyhounds, and other animals.

-Your Friend


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