Palm Harbor JV Football dropped last night’s game at East Lake.  The final score was 6-0.  Palm Harbor’s defense took their job as seriously as always but East Lake did better than the other schools at breaking into their secondary.  The defense had an amazing play where they blocked a field goal that would have put the game out of reach.  The offense on the other hand could not move the ball very far at all.  This game they leaned more on runs up the middle to almost no effect.  The few solid moves Palm Harbor made were on 25+ yard passes.  The passing game wasn’t all roses though as at least 3 passes just dribbled out of the quarter backs hand.  One of those resulted in an interception and the offense was responsible for two fumbles as well.  On the last drive of the game with 15 yards to go Palm Harbor could not convert a 4th and 1.  All told they just didn’t take the game or their opponents seriously enough.  Even though East Lake is their rival they heard East Lake was seriously battered by Tarpon, who Palm Harbor wiped the field with.  They thought they were going to win so badly that they didn’t even bother to score a point.  Compare this to their last game against Northeast (A better team than East Lake) where they knew how tough their opponents would be and prepared for it.  The lesson for everyone is that underestimating your enemy is a fatal flaw.  A mistake you won’t get too many chances to repeat.  Hopefully the coaching staff is able to wrangle the players and get them to take every game as seriously as the next.  If they fix their mindset, to include “no such thing as a sure thing”, this might be their only loss.  Here’s hoping.

Game 1: Palm Harbor 38 vs Tarpon 0

Game 2: Palm Harbor 41 vs Seminole 6

Game 3: Palm Harbor 17 vs Northeast 0

Game 4: East Lake 6 vs Palm Harbor 0

Palm Harbor 3-1

Total Score: Palm Harbor 96 vs Opponents- 12

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