Palm Harbor faced Largo tonight at home.  Their defense managed to recover a fumble and one of the defensive tackles ran it in for a touchdown.  Largo managed to score on their second punt return after one of Palm Harbors blockers slipped and fell.  The rest of the second half was a showing of great defense from both teams.  Our man Lu was positioned up against #76 for Largo, the biggest JV football player we’ve seen yet.  At least 6’3 and over 300 pounds of muscle.  He managed to beat Lu pretty bad at the end of the second quarter and Lu was benched while they figured him out.  The whole Palm Harbor team came back from half time changed and they scored twice more.  Once with a two point conversion.  Lu did a killer job the whole second half, totally keeping his man locked down.  He played on every snap of the second half.  Only a few more games left for Palm Harbor.

Game 5:

Palm Harbor 21 – Largo 8


Game 1: Palm Harbor 38 vs Tarpon 0

Game 2: Palm Harbor 41 vs Seminole 6

Game 3: Palm Harbor 17 vs Northeast 0

Game 4: Palm Harbor 0 vs East Lake 6

Game 5: Palm Harbor 21 vs Largo 8

Season Totals: Palm Harbor 117 vs Opponents 20

Palm Harbor is averaging 23.4 points per game.  Their opponents are averaging 4 points per game.

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