Palm Harbor played their 6th and final JV game of the season against Countryside on Friday Oct 20th.  A lot of interesting things to say about this game.  First Countryside has an incredible defense for a JV team, probably even a little bit better than Palm Harbor.  I really can’t believe the game was as high scoring as it was.  It’s worth pointing out that at least 3 of the 7 touchdowns in the game came by way of kick returns.  This has been a common thread in every JV game we’ve seen.  Low level punters combined with lackluster special teams defense has had us see scoring within the first two minutes of all 6 JV games we attended.

This really was a game of defense even though it saw 7 touch downs total.  Regulation ended with a tie of 20-20.  At the high school level there is a back and forth overtime where each side starts at the opposite 10 yard line with a full set of downs to try and make a touchdown.  If they get a touchdown their opponent has a shot until  one of them doesn’t make it.  Countryside started over time with the ball but Palm Harbor managed to stop them short.  Palm Harbor got the ball but made no gain on Countryside.  Countryside got the ball and scored on the second down, extra point was good.  Palm Harbor got the ball and was stopped short of the five yard line.  27-20 Countryside.

The JV season is now over.  Two games were cancelled due to Hurricane Irma, the JV season is supposed to be 8 games.  The good news is our protege Lu was promoted up to the Palm Harbor varsity team which has two or three more games.  Hopefully he’ll see some playing time this Friday against Durant.  Varsity is pretty much getting their ass kicked this year, is out of the playoff picture and hopefully has some room for Lu so he can get some game time.  He’s likely to be a varsity starter from game one next year.

Palm Harbor JV Football 2017 Fall Season

Game 1: Palm Harbor 38 vs Tarpon 0

Game 2: Palm Harbor 41 vs Seminole 6

Game 3: Palm Harbor 17 vs Northeast 0

Game 4: Palm Harbor 0 vs East Lake 6

Game 5: Palm Harbor 21 vs Largo 8

Game 6:  Palm Harbor 20 vs Countryside 27

Season Totals: Palm Harbor 137 vs Opponents 47

Palm Harbor averaged 22.83 points per game.  Their opponents averaged 7.83 points per game.

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