Last Saturday night and Sunday morning was the Massive Skyway Party.  Tony and I made our way down there to meet up with a friend or two and make dozens of new ones.  This was an old school rave if ever there was one.  On an island right before the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St Petersburg Florida.  No admission, no security, and 28 DJs over a 14 hour period.  Like any good rave it wasn’t completely clear how to get there.  Unlike most raves, thousands of people were invited on Facebook.  We hung out from about 10pm to 3:30am.  We traded complimentary bottles of water for cool stories live on the podcast.  We met some awesome people and heard some great stories.  My car got stuck in sand, Tony got it out.  Lots of helpful people everywhere.  No fights, no thefts, no arrests and I honestly didn’t even see a single person crying.  Well over 1500 people showed up at one point or another during the night.  Even though the cast will be over three hours long this one will be a can’t miss.  Available tomorrow, 11-23-2017, Thanksgiving Day, wherever fine podcasts can be found.

Your Pal


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