A lot of the games this week are literal pick ’ems.  As usual by this point in the season, most of the lines are spot on.  Here’s the few that look off to me, in order.

I have the Texans beating the Titans by 1.2 points.  The Titans however are -7.  I’ll rush to take Texans +7.  The Texans on the moneyline are getting +250.  That’s tempting, if you really want to gamble with room for value, consider it.  I don’t have shit for cash.  I’m sticking to what looks to me like a conservative lock.  Texans +7 -110.

I have the Vikings beating the falcons by a point and half.  The Falcons are -3.  I’ll take the Vikings +3.  The price of this bet is fairly steep but I still think the wrong team is favored in several ways.  Use your best judgment here.

The Browns are +14 against the Chargers.  I have them losing the game by just under 8.  Just by the numbers this looks like a bigger mismatch than Vikings v. Falcons.  You don’t want the browns on your ticket but at the same time the numbers beg for you to take them.  DON’T BET THIS GAME AT ALL.  IT’S A TRAP!

Most value this week is definitely the Texans.  If you’re the type to bitch about a losing pick, stick to that game.

Good luck,



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