Hey guys.  We’ll be appearing and recording tonight at Derby Lane from 7:30 – 9:30, but first lets look at all the NHL games tonight.

First let’s see the over/unders.  The line that’s most off is the O/U 5.5 in the Hurricanes/ Blues game.  I have the game scoring a bit over 4.5 goals.  The under will cost you -120, but consider it.  This line is off.  Also very appealing is the second worst line tonight,  the over in the Kings/Canucks game. Which can be had right now for +120.  I have that game coming in at 6 goals.  At -120 you need a bet to hit at least 55% of the time to start making money.  You only need 45% at +120.  They’re both very tempting bets.  I’ve got the Blues winning 3-2.  The Kings/Canucks looks to me like 4-2 kings or 3-3 and then 4-3 in OT.

Going into the spreads and moneylines the Devils +170 looks very interesting.  In the last month they’ve scored almost identically to the capitals while only giving up a fraction of a goal per game more.  At +170 we only need the Devils to win 37% of the time or more.

The biggest upset of the night looks the be the Bruins over the Senators.  I have them going into the end of the game up a goal and a half.  The senators defense has been piss poor lately and the teams offenses are equally lopsided.  Ottawa played last night, Boston did not.  Looks very good for the Bruins -1.5 at +180.

The Kings -1.5 over the Canucks for +210 looks appetizing.  At that price we need it to come in less than a third of the time to start making money.  I have the Kings going into the end of the game up almost a full goal.  That’s empty net territory and I like their chances.

Here are the bets.

Lock:  Bruins -1.5 against Senators +180.

Lean:  Kings -1.5 against the Canucks +210.

Lean:  Over 5.5 Kings/Canucks +120.

Lean:  Devils +170 against the Capitals.

Gamblers Choice:  Under 5.5 Hurricanes/Blues -120.


Honestly, I’ll be betting all of these.  I’ve put them in approximate order of confidence.  Blame me for all but the Gamblers Choice.  If you’re not familiar, Gamblers Choice are bets I think YOU should consider heavily for YOURSELF.  I’m pretty confident in the under in that game, the line is trash, but I generally don’t like favorites.  If tonight’s other lines were tighter that bet would definitely be a lean.  They’re only a slight favorite so I’m gonna roll with it.

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