Won 3 out of 5 bets.  Good for +200 total.  +180,+120,+100,-100,-100.  Missed out on Kings -1.5 and Devils +170.  Still feel like there was a lot of value in both.  In general you should NOT bet on 5 out of 6 games in a day.  Selectivity is the only way to stay profitable betting sports over any real period.  Our lock, Bruins -1.5 over the senators for +180 hit.  This was a rare night for 5 bets in one sport.  Still eeked out +20 better than if I had only bet the lock.  Hope you guys cashed in too.  Stay tuned for the newest episode Monday, recorded live tonight at Derby Lane.  Stacy answers a listener question about her dating history and all hell breaks loose when she calls her no good ex demanding her money back.  She is as funny as she is no nonsense.  Also the government comes after Tony for “their” money……after eight years.  Check it out Monday.  Maybe some new bets before then.  Keep an eye on us on Best Sports Picks Today.

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