We’re going on a one night cruise and you’re all invited.  Check out the event flyer but here are the important parts.

When:  Saturday March 10th.  All night including pre-party and after party.

Who:  Dan, Tony, and Stacy.  Along with 600 other lucky people.

Where:  The Clearwater Harbor Marina on the 600 passenger Yacht Starship.  A dinner cruise ship and the largest passenger ship in Tampa Bay.

What:  A three story rave at sea.  We have the promoters blessing to record live and we’ll have all sorts of crazy shit going on.  We’ll be doing game show style trivia questions for lucky participants on board.  Win fabulous prizes and hang out with us all night.  Buy tickets quickly because they will sell out.  VIP tickets are almost entirely sold out already.  Use promo code “legwen” to save a few bucks.  There will be no shortage of entertainment that night.  Get tickets immediately.  If you haven’t been to Clearwater Beach during Spring Break get down here.


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