Wednesday, January 10th, was a very busy day all told.  Let’s start from the beginning of the day and work our way through.

First I’m extremely happy to announce that we are now sponsored by Quickdog and its maker quickreckoning.  Quickdog is greyhound handicapping software that automatically sources data from every track in the country.  I’ve used it personally for ~2 years and we’re going to start using it for all of our episodes Live from Derby Lane.  Quickdog will save us money because we don’t have to buy the programs anymore.  Quickdog will also save us time in between races by distilling several of the columns in the program.  Rather than manually figuring out 6 average times for all 8 dogs, Quickdog provides a simple average speed for every dog.  Everything in the program can be edited, so for example you can choose to see the totaled results of the last 3 races of a dog or the last 30 races of a dog.  The level of customization will please literally everybody.  It can be as simple as you want. On the flipside if you’re so inclined you can make your method for selecting greyhounds and even test how will your system would have worked based on past results.  The ability to rigorously test your system without spending a dime or even going to the the track is almost priceless.  If you play dogs at just one local track I would suggest you use quickdog instead of the program.  If you bet simulcast at multiple tracks you would be insane not to use Quickdog.  The subscription includes past races and the next days program for every track in the United States.  They even have data for UK tracks.  Check out their website

Second,  I screwed up some important details of the Sunset Sounds Cruise.  I mentioned on a podcast that alcohol was included.  Alcohol IS NOT included in the price of a ticket.  Some small day cruises give away alcohol because they don’t want to obtain the incredibly expensive liquor license to sell it.  That IS NOT the case on this cruise.  It is a huge dinner ship that does have its own liquor license.  Alcohol will be available but IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF A TICKET.  This was totally my fault for assuming key details.  At no time did any of the promoters tell me there was free alcohol.  This was my mistake and I alone should be blamed.  This podcast is in no way involved with organizing the cruise and nothing I say about it should be considered binding or held against the promoters.  You should all still come on the cruise it will be a very good time and the tickets are a good deal.  This same ship charges more for a simple two hour cruise without music.  This is an all night deal with three levels of music. Pre-parties and after parties on shore.  Get your tickets soon! The VIP really will sell out very quickly.  The tickets are not refundable but could be potentially resold on the open market.  Use promocode “Legwen” to save a couple bucks.  Enough to buy a drink 😉

Buy your tickets and get all the correct details from the promoters here:

Never take a comedian seriously.

Third, Tony and I hit two races at the horse track this afternoon.  The horse track has been jam packed for the last few years and it’s very difficult to record there.  It’s not a matter of permission, on the average race day the track is standing room only and we’re very hard to hear.  The first race had 5 scratches out of 9 entries.  So with 4 horses to choose from we obviously both bet $2 straight Trifectas.  I was winning until the last 20 feet.  Tony had the same luck on the next race, off by just a hair.  We both lost two races, which was rough start to a day where the court was most likely going to demand $300 from me.  Hence, must win Wednesday.

Fourth, we checked out some office space for a purpose built recording studio.  This time we looked at a high rise in Largo.  The prices were good and we liked what we saw and heard.  Unlike the office we saw last week this one includes wired internet and wifi.  That represents a pretty solid deal, business internet goes for $95 a month from the local cable company.  Still working with the landlord to work out a potential price.  We’re very excited about having our own studio and we’ll keep you up to date.

Fifth, was the court date for the speeding ticket I was contesting.  Long story short I got an illegitimate speeding ticket from the least credible cop in the county in October.  This man has been demoted, been suspended, been reprimanded and was responsible for the murder of a 19 year old man in 2002.  The Sheriff’s Office tried rescheduling my court date multiple times but today was finally the day.  I took a lot of time and effort and compiled a case that would be worthy of professional representation.  I had all the facts about the Deputy, and about my car.  I drive an old slow car and he was accusing me of going impossibly fast.  When the time came the Deputy didn’t show up and the case against me was dismissed.  I’m glad to be able to keep my last $300 in my pocket.

Finally we cut a new podcast tonight explaining most of what you just read.  Tony had class tonight so our Superfan Lu joined in his place.  Lu told us about his success as the King of the Jits.  For new fans of the podcast, Lu was a heavyset 14 year old who asked us to make him the coolest kid in town.  We gave him perfect advice, he worked harder than most people could ever dream of and I can confirm he absolutely is the coolest high school freshman in the history of the town.  Eclipsing the former coolest high school freshman, yours truly.  It’s long and rambling but if you’re a big fan of the show you’ll definitely want to catch up with Lu.

We’ll be at Derby Lane on Saturday night, January 13th.  Come see us if you can. Wish us luck and listen in on the next podcast.


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