We’ve been telling you for months and now the time is less than three weeks away.  On Saturday March 10th, the Sunset Sounds Cruise sails out of Clearwater Harbor.  The cruise will last a few hours and will feature more than a dozen artists across three stages.  This whole party takes place on the 600 passenger, Yacht Starship, the largest ship in Tampa Bay.  Life’s a Gamble will be broadcasting live the whole night while we host game shows for fabulous prizes.  The price of tickets also includes a pre party and an after party.  The whole event could run from 2 pm to 2 am for the super committed.  This whole thing is right in the middle of Spring Break.  Expect a rager.

Game Show Preview

Are You Smarter Than Nic?  –  Play against, or with, trivia Guru Nic

Dan, The Beast – Progressive level trivia game where you play against Dan, the trivia machine.  Levels are structured so that he must do much better than you in order for him to win.

Dice of  Fortune – Ripoff of Wheel of Fortune.  Which is in itself a ripoff of Hangman.  Roll a 20 sided dice to determine a prize and then go from there.  Head, body, arms and legs.  No fingers and toes bullshit.  Meaning you’re 6th wrong answer kills your hangman.

Music Jeopardy – One player Jeopardy, which isn’t really Jeopardy.  Almost entirely about Music, questions are worth different values and points are lost for wrong attempts.

The Price is Wrong – Guess the price people are trying to sell shit for on the internet.  Think Craigslist and Facebook for sale groups.

Win Tony’s Alcohol – The ship sells alcohol all night long and in this game you can play for it.  Be careful though, you’ll be playing against Tony, who really wants that alcohol.

Who Wants to Be a Gift Card Millionaire? – Face off against another contestant to see who plays and then climb your way up the ladder or play it safe and stick with a low prize.  One wrong answer and you’re out!

Sponsor’s Preview

Sunday’s Mini Donuts and Ice Cream in Palm Harbor.  A brand new ice cream shop specializing in mini donuts.  One lucky contestant on the cruise will win free mini donuts for one year!


Win gift cards to at least a half dozen other Bay area restaurants.  We’re working to cover contestants from a wide area.

Tickets to the cruise will sell out very soon.  Buy tickets and get more details right away at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sunset-sounds-cruise-spring-break-bigger-better-mega-yacht-tickets-41146121156?aff=eac2

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