First and foremost the Sunset Sounds Cruise on Saturday was a big success.  Maybe too big of a success.  So many people wanted to get on the air that they were fighting for our seats.  We had game show winners and losers.  We had girls that Dan told to get the hell out of the chair.  We had guys that Dan told to get the hell out of their chair.  We had drunk girls spraying bubbles into the mixer.  We almost lost the whole night because we didn’t have a screwdriver, thankfully the crew of the Yacht Starship came through for us.  Big thanks to all of them, Andrew, and the other promoters as well.  Everyone we saw had a great time.  Also big thanks to each and every one of our sponsors:

Sundays Ice Cream in Palm Harbor.  At the corner of Alderman and US 19.

Shell Gas Stations

Terrence, Dan’s sweet black barber.

Five Guys Restaurant

Massage Envy

Coldstone Creamery


Wal Mart

Treasure Island Fun Center

Celebration Station

Lu – King of all Jits

Norma, through whom everything is possible.

And a special thanks to our friend Alicia for helping us out on short notice.


The episode was very long and needs to be edited for time.  A lot of the girls had a hard  time understanding that we were on the air and they needed to talk in the mic the whole time.  Every time Dan reminded them of this, they cried and did it again anyway.  You know by now we won’t edit out any of the good fighting, just stupid silence.  It will be up sometime this week. Even though we all had headphones on, girls must have covered the mic and tried to mouth words to us no less than 50 times.

The podcast schedule has been slowed down as we work on the radio show, let’s catch up on those active bets.  We have a bet on the Boston Red Sox to win the World Series at +1200.  They’ve got a stacked lineup, two potential aces and maybe the best closer in the league, leading an incredibly strong bullpen.  They might not win the division but expect them to make the wild card game.  They are probably better suited than any other American League team to win a one game playoff, with Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel.  Definite value here.

We also made some suggestions of the NHL Stanley Cup Winner.  For the ultra conservative the Tampa Bay Lightning +650 still has some value.  They’re guaranteed a playoff spot at this point and there team is as strong in defense as they are in offense, sporting the highest goal differential in the league.  I personally avoid home team bets unless there is undeniable value.  By betting them I feel like I’m making an emotional bet (big no no) and I never feel good about fading the home team either.  Still the Lightning have made me money this year and have to be considered.

For the middle of the road bettor the Toronto Maple Leafs might be the best bet.  At +1100 with a guaranteed play off spot, they are nothing to sneeze at.  The Maple Leafs have the best record in the league when it comes to shootouts.  I know there aren’t shoot outs in the playoffs but to me its a good sign that their goalie and their forwards play well under the biggest pressure.

For someone that wants a (potentially low) chance at big money the LA kings have to be considered.  Because they are not locked in to the playoffs yet, their going off at +3300 odds.  The team has to be in consideration though because they have arguably the best goalie in the league and made trade deadline moves with the goal of winning this year.  For the first few months of the league the Kings we’re right alongside the Lightning as the most winning team in the league.  They have a solid +24 goal differential which means they’re playing better than their recent luck suggests.

Finally we have a bet on the MLB home run leader.  Not necessarily the most likely, Nelson Cruz has by far and away the most value of all of the competitors.  He’s going off at an incredible +2800.  With those odds if his chances of winning are even 3.5%, we make money.  In 2014, he lead the league in home runs.  In 2015, he was second in home runs.  In 2016, he was second in home runs.  Last year he was sixth in home runs.  2014, when he lead the league, was his most recent contract year.  That’s important because this will likely be his last contract year as he’ll be 38 years old at seasons end.  Expect him to put the pedal to the metal looking for the last 1-3 year contract of his career.  He’s a pure power guy, and of all the tools in baseball, power declines the least with age.  Get a piece of this bet.

Check out our radio bets every weekend on WZIG 104.1 FM if you’re in North Pinellas.  No matter where you are WZIG streams live online 24/7 at Sports Predictions with Dan and Tony plays every Saturday at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and Sundays at 7am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm.  Usually 5 minutes after the top of the hour.


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