Get out your Keystone Light and your Busch Light, it is the day of the Preakness Stakes!  For those of you that don’t know, the Preakness is the second and trashiest leg of the Triple Crown.  Young white trash from all over the northeast assemble at Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore to get very drunk and run across the tops of port a potties.  Apparently, a few people bet on and watch horse races there also.

We had Justify to win the Kentucky Derby and we’re sticking with him again to take the slightly shorter Preakness.  Justify has been raced hard this year and apparently one hoof might be troubling him.  Despite this, and his low odds, we’re standing pat on the side of a strong horse steered by the elite Mike Earl Smith.  Apparently it’s going to be a sloppy in Maryland today, so I expect basically a rerun of the Derby.  The field will be smaller this time and Justify will see a rematch with Good Magic, his toughest competition.  Lone sailor could be in the money as well and nobody knows about Quip.  He’s owned by the same farm as Justify and he sat out the Derby to wait for the Preakness.  Man I love racing!


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