It’s been a busy few weeks for Tony and I.  On Monday we met with Alexis Winning and Jen Ellis of Derby Lane to get their take on amendments 3 & 13.  In order to get this posted in a timely fashion we posted our entire backlog of podcasts and are now caught up.  Take the next few days to catch up on all of the episodes we posted recently.  Our next episode, 137, will come out on November 6th.  That is also the day of the election which in Florida will decide two ballot amendments that are very important to gamblers.

Amendment 3:  Would prevent the legislature from loosening Florida’s gambling laws.  If there is to be a change in gambling laws it would require a further constitutional amendment.  Amendment 3 would put the Seminoles monopoly in the states constitution.  Racetracks and poker rooms would be allowed to stay open but many games in the poker room would be taken away nearly immediately.

Amendment 13:  Would end live greyhound racing in Florida.  Racetracks would be allowed to take bets on races from other tracks around the country.  Poker rooms and race tracks would be legally separated, meaning if the track closed down, the poker room would not be affected.  8,000 dogs would be homeless with no extra plan or funding from the campaigners to help get them properly situated.  The tracks estimate rehoming all the dogs would cost 6 million dollars and would take longer than the two years that the amendment allows.

Both of these amendments are complete scams and deserve a no vote from anyone who doesn’t want to be a pawn.  First off, 3 claims to be an anti gambling amendment, but it’s second biggest supporter was the Seminole tribe.  They don’t want to stop gambling, they just want to stop their competition, don’t fall for it.  If 3 passes, an estimated $50 million per year would be lost from the states budget, mostly in education.  All to protect a billion dollar companies monopoly.  Vote no!

Amendment 13 is a scam in much the same way.  The groups supporting it (grey2k, HSUS) say it is to protect dogs, but they put no plan in place to deal with the dogs if the tracks are forced to end racing.  Retired racers are adopted at a rate better than 98%.  If the tracks are forced to close with no plan or funding, as 13 is currently worded, many of these dogs could end up in county shelters.  In county shelters, adoption rates are nowhere near 98% and they don’t do the home visits or background checks that greyhound track affiliated groups do.  If you really want what’s best for the dogs, it’s not to be euthanized in a county shelter.  These dogs have loving homes for the rest of their lives.  During their racing career they eat the best food measured to the gram.  They see a vet and are tested before every race.  They are put in whirlpool tubs like the highest paid pro athletes after every race to reduce injuries.  When their racing career is over volunteers use money set aside by the track to successfully put the dogs in happy homes.  These are the best treated dogs in the world and the system should be left to work as it does.  Amendment 13 would take away funding and time for real greyhound adoption.  The people that are for 13 really don’t care about the dogs.  If you care one bit about animals VOTE NO ON 13!  THE DOGS LIVES ARE IN OUR HANDS!  VOTE NO ON 3 & 13!

VOTE NO ON 3 & 13!

VOTE NO ON 3 & 13!

VOTE NO ON 3 & 13!

Our Interview with Alexis and Jennifer

Ballotpedia Information on Amendment 3

Ballotpedia Information on Amendment 13

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