Attention!  If you have DAZN, check your credit card statements and then cancel your subscriptions regardless of what you find.  DAZN is pretending that they have to charge sales tax and what’s worse is they are charging double the actual rate.  Let me give you the specific figures.  I signed up for DAZN ~2 months ago.  Went through the free trial and was recently charged for the first time.  I have emails confirming that I would be charged $9.99 per month like everyone else, after they had my Florida billing address.  After the free month I was billed $11.31.  I confirmed that I had signed up for 9.99 per month and had never gotten any notice of an increase so I wrote to them asking for an explanation.

Someone from DAZN contacted me and blamed the state of Florida.  This person claimed Florida was one of six states that require the state sales tax be assessed on streaming services.  There are two huge problems with this.  Number one, no other streaming site in the world charges sales tax.  Sales tax on streaming was a lie made up by DAZN to nickel and dime more money out of every customer.  Problem number two, Florida sales tax is 6%.  Many counties including the one I live in, charge another 1% of their own.  $11.31-$9.99 means I was over charged by $1.32.  $1.32 / $9.99 = 13.21% that DAZN charged me supposedly for Florida’s sales tax.  Who wants to bet that when I call the state on Monday that DAZN has never paid sales tax in Florida.  I completely guarantee it.

So we have two huge problems.  First I have a piece of paper that says my credit card would be charged $9.99.  My credit card was charged $11.31.  That’s credit card fraud.  Then we have a company charging double the states tax rate and putting it all in their own pocket.  That’s a whole separate felony.  I’m sure some people will say “Dan it’s only a dollar and change….” A company that would knowingly overcharge you a penny CAN NOT be trusted with your credit card.  I’ll live without the dollar, but what would I do if DAZN decided to charge me 50 grand?  Don’t take a chance with these scum bags.  Cancel your subscriptions today and check your credit card statement.  If you were charged more than $9.99 for a month, call your credit card company and report it as fraud.

I’m taking bets that the Florida Department of Revenue has never heard of DAZN or their parent company.  There is a 0% chance this scam has ever paid tax in the United States.

4 thoughts on “DAZN engaged in credit card fraud!

  1. hey, no offense, but I think many of the points you made are wrong. Florida sales tax is 6%, yes, but as they explained to you (maybe not very clearly) there is something else called “the Netflix tax” which is applied in some states, being FL one of them. In FL, it’s called “Florida Communication Services Tax” and it’s 7-ish%. Add this on top of the sales tax and you get your 13ish%.
    This is done by Netflix, Hulu and any other streaming service. It’s mandatory. No fraud here.


    1. No offense taken. They called it the state sales tax. As you pointed out, at best, that could have been explained better. The bigger of my two complaints was that I have a receipt from DAZN that shows NO sales tax of any kind being charged. The customer service person explained that if I went to the grocery store I wouldn’t see sales tax on the receipt either. He said I would only see the sales tax when it showed up on my credit card bill. That has not been my experience ever. Sales tax always shows up on your bill/receipt. DAZN was just plain dishonest. If they were upfront and told me that their service cost $20 per month, I likely would have paid it. I was watching a whole lot on there. But to print a receipt that says on this date we will charge $9.99 and then even charge $10 is fraud.

      To be super clear: I’m not complaining that they advertise a price of $9.99 and then legally have to charge some customers more. I’m complaining that when I enter my information, they see I’m from Florida and they calculate my bill, they still insist that I will be charged $9.99. After entering my credit card they should have said “at the end of the trial we will charge you $11.31” instead of “at the end of the trial we will charge you $9.99.” Every other online business that has to collect sales tax manages to do this. What they did was fraud.


  2. Ever since i joined for $9.99 (free trial) I’ve been charged double. They charge 2 times per month every month when i wrote them they said they only charge once per month but my bank statement clearly indicates a double charge. I wrote them for second time 2 months later but no response now.


  3. I just signed up for the $99.99 one year subscription this past weekend. I am suppose to pay $8.33 a months. Just checked my bank statement. They withdrew $108.54. This is definitely a fraud. Now I have to cancel it and let everyone know what is going on.


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