The new year has been a very busy one for the whole Life’s a Gamble crew.  So much so that we need a dedicated update for everybody.  First and foremost, episodes are still being recorded weekly at Derby Lane.  It’s only the editing that has fallen behind.  As it stands right now we have about a 6 episode backlog.  The next few episodes will probably be pushed through with limited editing to catch us up.  It’s my dream to be able to upload every new episode on Sunday or Monday after we record it, but that’s a ways off.

I (Dan) have had a ton of computer work this year, and while that’s good for my prospects to buy a house, it slows down how quickly I can edit episodes.  Tony and I also spend half a day each week at WZIG doing our weekly show there.  Since on the radio, we’re mostly betting UFC, I watch every single MMA fight from UFC/ONE/Bellator as they come out.  That and editing is usually where my one day off per week goes.  I’ve also been using some of my off time to try and find an office that we could use as a studio but so far everything is either to expensive, or just not the right fit.

Even though the last thing I have is free time, I’ve also started picking up litter from the side of the road around where I live.  It’s easy to fit in between jobs and the shit I’ve been seeing on the side of the road drives me crazy.  Tony is helping me build a rig for my back so I’ll be able to carry much more trash at once.  Right now I’m driving around, parking and walking until my hands are full.  It’s amazing how much stuff gets thrown out of people’s cars daily.  The biggest thing is alcohol.  Beer cans, medium sized vodka bottles and tons of those little shooters.  I promise to get caught up on the editing before litter removal takes over too much of my life.

Tony has been busy at work.  The money’s been good but the online casino hit hard and the real casino hit harder.  But still, Tony is a grinder.  I don’t think his tax refund has hit yet.  That’s nearly a holiday every year around here.  Each year he gets a huge check and feels obligated to waste it.  Each year I explain that he should have his employers withhold less.  All to no avail.  He’s got a vacation coming up for his anniversary with Kristen.  They’re touring the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I’m not sure if this is a good time of the year for it but I assume Kristen came up with it because it’s cheap.  The real debate I’m having is whether they’ll sack up and pay the $110 it costs to get inside the Biltmore.  I say “no way Jose!”  They’ll look at it from the outside, see as much as they can for free, and move on.  Last I heard, it was undecided.  Tony promises they’ll go in.  He just doesn’t want to get ragged on, but it’s not his decision.  He’s a good egg.  He’s doing the sawing on my backpack trashcan as we speak.

Medicated Matt has won like $8,000 from the lottery since the new year.  Which we’re all pretty happy about because no one deserves it more.  Matt’s been a good friend of mine for the last 15 years and has been a regular on the podcast for the last few months.  Ever since we brought him to the dog track he was hooked.  Matt was the first of our friends to ever play at one of the local poker rooms because his fall birthday meant he was first to turn 18.  As you’ve also learned by now, he’s hooked on the scratch offs.  He won $10,000 on one ticket at the end of last year and $5,000 on one ticket in January.  Through Matt we learned the process you have to go through if you win the lottery in any amount over $600.  You have to go to a regional office in Tampa and they take out at least 25% in taxes right off the top.  Matt has also been doing a lot of damage on the WAR tables at the Derby Lane Poker Room.  Occasionally playing high card flush.  Expect Matt to keep winning, because his Karma is through the roof.

So in summary, all hands are on deck.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone is making money.  Everyone is making bets.  Everyone is working hard.  We’re still recording episodes the way we always have.  If you see a delay in uploaded episodes, don’t worry, I will catch up.  Tony and I are on the air every weekend on WZIG with a new bet.  Check out our Profitable Predictions Report on 104.1 FM or  Weekends at 10am / 12pm / 2pm / 4pm / 6pm

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