Life’s a Gamble is a podcast about essentially every type of gambling.  Recorded live several times a week across Tampa Bay.  We talk service plays on MLB, NHL, EPL, NCAA, NFL, Greyhound Racing and Horse Racing.  You can bet that we bet on it.  Hosted By Tony and Dan, we’ve got our own seat high above the finish live at Derby Lane St Petersburg.

  In addition to being seasoned handicappers, we also cover self help topics and can drastically improve anyone’s life.  Our main focus is how to avoid being an average square and have some fun in your life.  While we’re at it we’re also Central Florida & Las Vegas vacation experts, chess coaches, legal advisors, electronics repairmen, unofficial psychologists, unlicensed pawnbrokers, unproduced screenwriters, psychic mediums and drafted but unsigned college athletes.  “Whatever stats an offensive linemen has, mine were good”, says Dan.  “I had the fastest curve ball the scouts had ever seen, damned if it weren’t 90 mph.  Problem was my fastball sat around 80 and I couldn’t control either one”, bragged Tony.

  You get it.  These guys are fucked.  Listen to them.  Go bet with them.  Have fun.