We’re offering for sale a number of literally one of the kind items.  Contact us at lifesagamble727@gmail.com to purchase.

First is Tony’s folding camp chair.  Unbelievably this chair, that is hanging onto it’s last bits of usefulness, is fairly new.  At the time of this posting the chair is still able to support Tony’s 6’3 220+ lb carriage.  As you can see one arm is functionally detached and the seat is failing almost entirely.  Also included in this lot is an ashtray cup with discarded cigarettes and other random treasures.  Let this piece of Life’s a Gamble memorabilia be yours today.  Only $400, shipping included to the continental US.


Tony's Chair



Here are some truly unique items.  Batting cage tokens from the now closed “Deranged Pub Drinking & Driving Range”.  You would know more about this magical treasure from the past had it not closed weeks before the start of the podcast.  All that we have to remember this place are these four extremely lucky batting tokens.  These have been to Las Vegas, these have been to the hospital, these have been to the car impound lot, they have been held as personal property by the Pinellas County Jail and now they can be yours.  Each token has “Iron Mike” “Master Pitching Machine” written on one side with a picture of a pitcher mid pitch.  The other side features ironically “No cash value” as these were sold to us for cash and we offer them for sale to you, our friends, for the incredibly low price of $149 each.

Batting Coins


Next we have an Arcade Classics machine purchased by Tony and Dan jointly several years ago.  This machine features Ms. Pac Man, Galaga and Space Invaders.  The game can be set to free play or is ready to accept quarters after Dan added a new coin door and mech.  The machine has been stored in Tony’s garage and the monitor is temperamental so we must sell this machine as is.  The cabinet is in good condition with original Galaga art on both sides.  The custom motherboard (JAMMA wiring) and power supply are also in good condition, we’ve never seen a hiccup with either.  The buttons and joy stick all work totally reliably.  The fairly new Samsung CRT monitor is the weak point, sometimes it displays sometimes it does not.  Recently (late March 2017) it’s been working well.  Includes programming manual.  Offered for the low, low price of $9,000 including freight to your door in the lower 48 United States.  Local buyers please contact us directly for a quote without shipping.

Arcade Classics


Our final piece is a sight to behold.  Tony’s 1991 Toyota Camry.  Tony has put approximately 11,000 miles on this beauty and there’s no telling how many were on it before so let’s assume it has 11,001 original miles on it.  This spectacular auto features no air conditioning, no radio, no power steering and the drivers side window does not work.  I wouldn’t roll down the other windows if I needed them absolutely to roll back up.  There is a patch in one of the new-used tires.  Tony recently replaced the new-used tires.  The car features a brand new alternator and  brand new-used battery.  This car features the ability to slow down and the automatic seat belts that cross your body when you close the door.  The parking brake on this car is excellent.  A little tight to engage but it’s not going anywhere even on the steepest hills.  Includes all of the shit inside it, some of which is likely to be immediately valuable.  Tony loses (literally) a lot of money and we will not check the car for anything before selling.  This purchase could be an immediate wind fall.  If you’re looking for a sort of reliable daily driver or just a sweet piece of history that can’t not increase in value, look no further.   Well, look further for pictures, but when you’re done come back up here and look for the price.  We’re offering this spectacular vehicle for sale @ $2,400 local pickup in Tampa Bay.  If you need it shipped you must pay the price of shipping.  What a deal.  A steal really.

Tonys Car Exterior

Tonys Car Interior

Please contact us at lifesagamble727@gmail.com for purchasing details.